Our service allows you to track any device your child or spouse has, as well as get all access to their social networks, calls, and Messaging.

Add the links to check, one per line. If the domain normally uses www. then please include it for accurate results. You can contain 3000 links a month and up to 200 at a time.

Why do I need an Account?

You need to register to use the tool because limit the number of links we can check per second and per month. Having user accounts helps us prevent excessive users and improves the service quality for everyone.

How Does This Work?

This tool uses the API to retrieve some excellent data gathered by the guys at Click the link below to check them out.

How to check the quality of the site?

How the layman to check the quality of the site, which he developed? Of course, listen to the developer of the resource first thing, but what to do if his words are doubtful and what from his words is an unsolvable task – defies logic and confuses the gut?

What does website analysis provide?

If you are interested in the efficiency of optimization of your resource, you will have to constantly check the monitoring of the state of the site. Only in this case you will be able not only to correct existing errors but also to prevent the appearance of new ones. The site analysis will help to get comprehensive information about your domain and website.

Here we look at some “synthetic tests” and utilities that can help the client to understand that his site is made qualitatively and meets international standards.

Page Speed Insights.

To start with, it’s worth checking the paramount metrics in the PageSpeed Insights service. This test will show the loading speed of the site and give the figures. Is it necessary to go into what is written below? You don’t have to. The main thing is that the site is not in the red zone – it may have problems with indexation.

Markup Validation Service

Second, on this list is a service from w3c. The so-called markup validator. Every language has its own rules of spelling and punctuation. Just as we can understand even broken Russian, the browser can read even the most poorly written code and display information to us. However, search engine crawlers can impose additional penalties for this, which negatively affects SEO. The ideal is 0 w3c errors. Sometimes errors occur in conjunction with the installation of a valid layout on the CMS system, which carries additional plugins and settings. If there are few errors – it is not terrible. If the site is just teeming with them – there may be negative consequences.