How to successfully meet on Tinder?

How to meet in Tinder Dating

How to meet Tinder date?

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps.

Dating apps have become an integral part of our lives, we are getting to know each other more and more online. And it is not surprising, if you often go on dates, then you know how difficult it is to find true love. And maybe a dating app will be the answer for you.

You can meet anyone on Tinder, but if your goal is to chat with a celebrity, then OnlyFans is better for this.

On Tinder, it’s easier to find the person who’s perfect for you and much easier to start a conversation. But many people have a question: how do meet on Tinder?

Today there are over 50 million registered people in 196 countries and more than 55 billion couples have formed on this dating app. Tinder has a huge selection of people you might like.

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Let’s find out how to meet on Tinder

Getting started using Tinder

  • Install and launch the Tinder mobile app, and sign in with your phone number, Facebook or Google.
  • See profiles of men or women.
  • Slide to the left if there’s no interest in the person in the photo.
  • Slide to the right if there is interest. This action of shifting or swiping to the side is called a “swipe.”
  • Swipe left – you don’t like the person, swipe right – you like the person.

To see other photos of the person, click on the right side of the photo. To return to the previous photo – on the left half. To view the profile in detail – click in the lower part of the photo, where a name is.
If both you and the other person have expressed interest in each other, you will create a chat between you, and you can chat.
You can’t write without mutual sympathy. This is convenient primarily for girls who are often tired of male attention. Only if you both like each other in the photo, there is an opportunity to exchange messages.

How to remember left or right to make a swipe? The flow of time is depicted from left to right. On the left is your past. In the past, you leave uninterested people behind. On the right is the future. In the future, you put the people you’re interested in. In addition, Tinder shows a tooltip when you shift a photo: NOPE (no) or LIKE (like).

You can press the button with a heart instead of shifting the photo to the right and the button with a cross instead of shifting the photo to the left.

Tinder Why I Swipe Left on Super Likes

Tinder Problems

The main problem with Tinder is considered to be the abundance of choices (or the illusion of abundance). It is difficult for the human brain to cope with this. It is recommended to dial no more than nine matches.

Dial nine matches and stop flipping through the questionnaires and deal with the matches you already have. If you decide you do not want to continue, or if you are unsuccessful, keep looking, but again no more than nine. This will keep you from “burning out”. And if you feel tired, take a break: a day, a week, a month – as long as you need.

At the same time, it is noticed that Tinder helps to form a clearer idea of “mine/not mine”. Going through the process of choosing and dating, you concretize the image of “your” person – the one with whom you are interested and with whom you can build a good relationship.

However, the very mechanics of quickly choosing a partner have accustomed many people to changing partners quickly in reality. That is, you need to be prepared for the fact that the person you go on a date with, get a new experience, and then just disappear, not thinking about what will cause you discomfort – because he probably assumes that you will also quickly find someone else.

Today’s dating services are changing the reality we live in. Through Tinder, you’re likely to connect with people whose logic has changed from what you might have expected before. You need to understand these changes in order to have a positive dating experience.


How to meet a guy on Tinder?


A full name is too risky: not only mentally healthy people visit dating sites, and you don’t want to stalk some stalker from down the street. Only one name is ideal.

The title picture is on the app

Unless you want to fend off persistent offers to spend the night together, don’t upload photos with sexual overtones. In addition to attracting the wrong visitors, a photo in a swimsuit won’t show your best side. Do not put a photo full-length, only a portrait. A business portrait won’t do – you’ll get written by the same nerds.

How to write a questionnaire correctly?

No photos on the beach: it’s about sex again (we know it’s not, but horny males still don’t get it). The man you want to get won’t appreciate your figure – he’ll confuse you with fifty other girls in a minute. Because they have exactly the same ones in their albums. Do not post photos where you’re in the arms of a gorgeous cake of your own making: from the “good hostess” men will immediately run away, losing their shoes, will remain only mama’s sons, looking for a new skirt, under which you can hide.

Ideal photos in an album – about outdoor activities (even if it was a bike ride – you know, how few of these photos of girls?), about friends (but not about beer and BBQ) and photos that do not have you, but there is something interesting and unusual. The main thing is that the photographer in this case is you. Write some intriguing commentary on the photo. And, of course, there should be photos that illustrate your hobbies.

A short story about yourself

This is the most difficult part of the questionnaire. After all, in the story about himself can not write any wishes – there is a special form for that. Also, you can not lie. You can forget about it on the third hour of conversation with a potential prince. The story should not be too big and must attract attention.

And here is the hard part. It’s better to write it, but not publish it – sit for a week, then look at it with fresh eyes and throw out half of it. You don’t need to list all your best qualities, you’re not applying for a job.

The best way to write a good story about yourself is to imagine you’re on a train and talking to a fellow traveler. What could you tell him? That’s what you should write about. Simple language. A dating site is not a literary portal for aspiring authors. And a sample profile with someone else’s bio is unlikely to help you write your own – listen to your heart.

Find a date

On Tinder, you can only correspond with a guy with whom you have a mutual liking. To find a match, you’ll have to evaluate other people’s profiles. When you first launch the Tinder app, you’ll see the first list of potential matchmakers near you. In order for a meeting to take place, you and the other user must “like” each other.

Open a chat room

Start chatting with your conversation partner when you find yourself paired with them. Open the Tinder menu and select “Messaging. Select the person you want to chat with and write your first message. Many people recommend that you start chatting at least a day after a couple has formed. This may be true; you won’t look like someone who is desperately looking for a date.

Set the tone of communication

Your first messages will be the key to your communication. There are times when you like each other right away, but the conversation doesn’t work out. Try not to put pressure on the interlocutor, an aggressive manner of conversation may scare away a potential partner. On the other hand, the user should not be bored with you. Try to find common ground, so that the conversation gradually moved on to deeper topics.

Don’t get hung up on previous discussions

Many people have a hard time transitioning from social media and apps to real conversations. Of course, chatting on Tinder is much safer. You won’t have to blush for stupid words. Also, chatting on Tinder doesn’t create an emotional attachment. And, of course, you can stop communicating at any time.

The longer you put off a real meeting, the harder it is to do. My advice is not to get stuck at the “tentative acquaintance” stage. Only personal communication will let you know that you have found the right person.

You can call the young man you like. This will make the virtual conversation more real. A phone or video call will help create an emotional connection that’s harder to break.

Did you like what you heard? Then it’s time for a face-to-face meeting. If phone calls don’t work for you, try to limit virtual communication. This creates unnecessary tension on the first date.

Of course, you should know about the person you’re going to meet. But trust me, extra information won’t make the first date any easier.

Don’t turn dating into a hobby

Many people chat on Tinder with more than one partner at a time. It can be fun, but try not to overdo it. Don’t turn dating into a job. You don’t have the goal of meeting all the young people the algorithm selects for you on Tinder.

The most important rule is that dating should be fun. Do not communicate with a large number of people, a maximum of 5, so you can better remember who you communicate with and do not forget the important facts.

Don’t spend all your free time on a dating app. Don’t forget your friends and favorite hobbies. And, of course, don’t turn dating into a hobby you devote all your free time to. Dating should bring pleasure, not turn into an endless comparison of other people’s grades.

Sure, a first date is a huge stressor, and it’s easier to just keep texting. But the goal of any virtual acquaintance is a real meeting. Don’t forget that virtual communication is an imaginary land. And only a real meeting will help you figure out if there is chemistry between you. Casual chatting on Tinder is important, but don’t forget the main goal – to find true love.

Treat your first date like a job interview

Now comes the most crucial moment – the first date. Now your communication is not like a computer game. And, perhaps, it can scare a lot of people. Try to make a pleasant impression on the person you choose. But you do not have to try too hard. Be natural, because the main goal of any date is to find someone who will love you. A date is not the best time to pretend. Forget about your virtual identity and just be yourself.

Our advice is to think of the first date as a job interview. It’s just a preliminary meeting before a real date. And don’t expect too much from a first date.

Your image of the person is based on your interactions on Tinder. This image may or may not coincide with reality. Sometimes a first date turns into a real disappointment when the person isn’t who you imagined. But don’t worry. Do not forget that it’s just a matter of expectations.

That’s why you shouldn’t spend too much time on social networks and dating apps. Such communication will not give the real picture. Think of the first date as a preliminary acquaintance, which should help you make the right choice. So, the first date is just the first round of dating.

All the most important things happen on the second and third dates. The more you communicate in real life, the easier and more relaxed your communication will become. Don’t expect emotional openness and declarations of love on the first date. Even if you’ve been dating on Tinder for a few weeks, it’s very difficult. The emotional openness we value in a relationship comes gradually.

How a girl can start dating on Tinder

I suggest the following algorithm: figure out if this person is interesting to you from his profile, call him on the video to make sure he matches the photos, talk to him, hear his voice, and listen to how he arranges communication.

At this point, you can figure out if you need to see him at all or not. If the person refuses a video call or doesn’t want to send a short video, it’s worth asking why this is the case.

Ask for his Instagram to find out what the person does, because through his social networking profile you can tell more about him or see mutual acquaintances. How to hack Instagram we told in detail in another article on our website.

It’s definitely not a good idea to make an overnight appointment, and don’t fall for the tricks: “I’m a gentleman, you’re safe with me,” “Don’t worry, don’t you trust me? Of course, I do! You shouldn’t trust someone you’ve known for one day on Tinder.

It’s okay to not trust that person. So under no circumstances should you give in to this kind of manipulation. I suggest meeting in the afternoon or evening, not later, and in a crowded place – a cafe, a coffee shop, a restaurant, just a walk down the street.

Important: Do not get into a car with a stranger, leave for the first meeting on your own – by cab, subway, bus, or your own transport. This is important so that you don’t get into some abnormal story.

I also suggest asking if the person you are meeting with is married or married. There is no guarantee that the person will tell you the truth, but in defense of married people, they will admit it themselves if you ask them. Always keep in mind the idea that this person hasn’t fully opened up to you, and don’t rush in with your head after two or three days.

We don’t recommend rushing into things – in a week, consider that you’re a couple and think you’ll get married. You need to take the time to get to know the man and give him the opportunity to get to know you. After all, you only know about him from his stories and, naturally, he will tell you what he wants to tell you and that’s it. Thus, using these rules, you can make communication as comfortable, environmentally friendly, and safe as possible.

How do you write to a man?

We still live in a relatively conservative world, whether we like it or not. This applies to Tinder as well. Even here, many women still think that the first message should be sent by a guy, which is silly.

Sure, it takes some effort, but it’s worth it! Many men are a little shy, so text them first. It’s usually much easier for women to get a response on Tinder than it is for men. Men appreciate your courage to write them first because they know how scary it is to make the first move. Stick to the tips above and everything will go smoothly!


How to meet a girl on Tinder?

More often than not, men start a correspondence with a standard “Hi, how are you?” Such a ” Hi” looks very vague.

It could be “wow, I know who supplies the fresh condiments to that Italian restaurant where you took your profile picture; I’d love to make you a Neapolitan breakfast.”

Or it could be, “lol, you look so ridiculous in those tight, frayed pants.” Or “I’m drunk and bored.”

When you start an acquaintance with ” hi,” not only are you shifting the responsibility of the conversation to the girl, but you’re not declaring yourself, your strengths in any way – offering the stranger a cat in a collar.

” Hi” is a cowardly transfer of initiative to the interlocutor, a way to see if she can steer the dialogue in a more interesting direction after such a faceless greeting.

Even if, after ” hi,” a guy writes that you admire a Dreiser book or that you are also crazy about Latin American jazz, this information is unlikely to get through to the conversationalist.

The girl doesn’t know what will follow the welcome. And unless she fell from the moon, her experience will tell you that the banalest development of the dialogue will follow, and no one wants to waste time on trivialities.

Don’t write just to write – act a few steps ahead. If you started a conversation in a dating app – your job is to continue it. The first rule of online dating: ask questions because it’s a great way to get an answer.

Avoid obvious templates, a girl can sense the use of blanks and send you “spam”. Be sure to write the girl’s name when communicating, and point out certain points in her description, appearance, or details in her photo.

Suggest a chat in a cafe. First, walking around is not always convenient because of the weather, and second, it determines what you will do when you meet, which eliminates the uncertainty towards you from the girl. A universal trick is to write to the girl that you like her and add some non-trivial compliment. In some cases, everything goes well, because you have already added to each other’s friends, although, of course, there are exceptions.

How a guy starts a conversation on Tinder

What to write on Tinder instead of “Hi, how are you?”

Often in dating apps, they write some nonsense – you can just ignore it. But there are types of behavior that are quite common. For example, when potential partners behave as if communicating with them is a prize that has to be earned.

That’s why you shouldn’t send phrases that :

  • you could send it to any other person;
  • make the other person say platitudes back;
  • don’t bring you closer together, and are just a waste of time.

How do I start meeting girls on Tinder?

Try to attract the attention of your conversation partner by paying attention to yourself. Go through your profile and find something to write about.

If there are two things in your profile that don’t match, you can use that. If, for example, a person’s bio says they like to climb mountains but also like to drink and watch TV shows, you can ask if one is a balance for the other or how they fit together.

Try to find common ground and write about it.

Uniqueness is paramount. If the text looks like you’ve sent it to dozens of other people, it won’t get the proper response. But if it’s specifically for your colleague, it can get you a lot of points. So don’t write happy letters!

What’s the best phrase to write?

Ask a profile question

Take a close look at the profile of the person you like. Any information in the profile is a reason to talk. Perhaps the person likes a little-known movie that you’ve also seen. Or he’s been to a country you’d like to visit.

Try to show your interest and at the same time give the person a chance to show their personality. “How did you get that picture on your avatar?”, “How long have you been doing dance? You have so many performance photos!”, “Do you like snowboarding too?”. All this will show that you are interested in communicating and have done your “homework.”

Come up with a simple question that reveals character and hobbies

Ask the person something that’s not on the questionnaire, but that’s important to you and will help you figure out how compatible you are. For example: “What is your idea of a perfect day off?” Immediately it will become clear what the person enjoys in his free time, what he likes. With the help of such questions, you can learn a lot about a person in an easy conversation.

Simple phrases that help to reveal the person as a person are well suited. For example, “What would you choose: the sea or the mountains? Or summer or winter?”.

Suggest a playful form of communication

For example: “Choose a number from 1 to 5, and I’ll tell you the fact behind it. Collect facts in advance that are not on the questionnaire so that the person is interested. Such a technique will be remembered and will make your message stand out among other dialogues.

Be yourself

Whatever clever tricks you came up with, sincerity and humor work best. If the person is yours – he’ll catch the wave and reciprocate. Many of the girls we’ve talked to have developed a conversation with the same “Hi, how are you?” The key is to not try to seem like a different person.

Humor and Emotion

Humor is sexy. For example, look at pictures of your couple and make funny comparisons. Of course, this is easier said than done. Not everyone is endowed with vivid humor or just has something special. Trust me, it’s not the end of the world.

So, what can you do to evoke emotion?

  • Scan your interlocutor’s profile and show humor or use their information in one way or another.
  • Find common ground. Yes, this was mentioned above, but it’s still important.
  • Get rid of boring questions. First and foremost, this applies to those questions that can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”
  • Try to make a personal connection. This also works great if you use your match title.
  • Look at pictures or biography of your match. For example, praise something. Try not to be superficial, but comment on what makes up the person’s personality.
  • If you recognize a place in one of the photos, you can also write about it and ask how it was there. You may have been there too and have good memories of the place.


GIFs can be successful or unsuccessful, and it also depends on how old you are. They may seem childish or just plain weird. There are also gifs that are already very commonly used. However, a GIF as a first message can still work if the image is funny or fits the situation. Try to find something your interlocutor might like, and don’t use a GIF that everyone already knows.

How do I write to a woman on Tinder?

Because there are many more men on Tinder than women, the cards are always stacked against them and they have to play against the system. Women get messages all the time, and men often don’t get them for a week. To stand out from the crowd of competitors as a man, you have to know what others are texting. In a nutshell, most messages are just plain weird or just plain boring. If you follow the advice above, you have a better chance of standing out.

And if all this has made you even more insecure, I have some interesting information for you: women are much pickier than men and are not suitable for everyone. That means there should already be some basic interest on their part. So be brave! You can do it!

Don’t wait, take action!

It can be pure venom if your partner waits weeks for your first message. After a while, writing to that person becomes pointless. No one likes to wait forever. What if you both wait for the other to make the first move?

Then nothing will happen in a hundred years. So never wait for a girl to make the first move. Be bolder. Unfortunately, Tinder is still relatively conservative, and women think men write first. And more advice for shy guys: you have a match with this man, and there’s a reason for it, so go for it. You have nothing to lose.

Ask for a phone number

It is advisable to get a phone number as soon as possible if things are going well. Very few people like to text on Tinder. This makes it easier for you to plan a date.

Don’t write too much!

Even if things are going well, don’t write too much! If you’re really interested in each other, take a chance and set up a meeting! More often than not, the initial euphoria is lost by writing too much. Have fun with your date!

How to flirt on Tinder?

Although flirting is completely subjective, there are certain unwritten laws for it. Flirting usually works much more subtly than many people think. Little hints are usually enough, and they are much better than awkward compliments. When you give a compliment, name something the person can be proud of or that makes them who they are.

Commenting on appearance: “You’re beautiful” is usually extremely unfortunate. “I like the way you dress,” “cool tattoos,” etc. are much better. Teasing the other person lovingly without actually offending them is always good a little later. Just be careful not to offend.

How do you find sex on Tinder?

Even if the only reason you use Tinder is to find sex, I wouldn’t go that far. Some people aren’t bothered by it and maybe even turned on (this applies to men rather than women), but most people don’t like this behavior at all (this applies to women rather than men).

Almost everyone wants to get to know the person they want to be friends with at least a little. In any case, you shouldn’t pretend to like something, it only hurts feelings. As soon as there is a question about what you are looking for, be honest.

What to do in case of rejection?

Not every couple is a lucky find. Every now and then it happens that you become a “ghost,” meaning the other person simply no longer responds to your requests, or you get an outright rejection. Rule number one: Forget it. Tinder is a rich ocean full of wonderful people.

Never send them a negative response, don’t ping them, etc. D. Maybe your message just wasn’t liked or poorly received, the other person’s interest wasn’t that great, or – which is often the case – that person just doesn’t have that much time and rarely uses Tinder. If the person doesn’t respond, you can always write an additional message that reads, “I’m sorry you’re not responding. I really wanted to get to know you better.”

Then, if still, nothing comes in, forget about that person. And don’t get upset just because a person with whom things were going very well at first suddenly lost interest. Show that your self-esteem is high enough to handle such a little awkwardness, and don’t comment negatively in any way. Don’t sulk, but don’t verbally abuse them either.

How to get acquainted in social networks

If you want to write to a person on a social network and you don’t know if he is ready to get acquainted, here too a strategy of sincerity and openness can work: “I saw your page among mutual friends, I see that you also go to this sports club, I really want to meet”.

To help the person decide if they want to connect with you, it pays to introduce yourself right away and give them a chance to get caught up in some detail. “I went to this school too,” “I’m into motorcycles and I saw your profile in the motorcycle group.”

The most appropriate tone for introductions is neutral: without being panicky or overly polite. After the contact took place, you can adjust your style of conversation and intonation, adapting to the interlocutor.

Take off the rose-colored glasses.

As with any dating app, Tinder has the illusion of choice. For example, men see lots of pretty pictures of girls, and when they get joint likes, and matches, they think – this is it, I could be with these girls. But they do not take into account the fact that half of them look completely different than in the photo, others have no photos at all, and there remains a small percentage of those who have posted their own photos, and still would fit them! In fact, the search for a person takes some time, and this is normal.

Also, a girl may think: oh, my God, so many men write to me, everyone wants me, I’m the queen. That’s cool if it boosts your self-esteem. But it’s important to understand that this is an illusion of high demand. Because of those who write, less than half of them invite you to a meeting, and even less of them want a serious relationship. Finding your man is possible, but the choice is not as huge as it seems.

There are people who have been on Tinder for years – it’s their lifestyle. The person just creates a constant stream of new people for themselves. But these people don’t have a goal of meeting someone. The second is that these are very demanding users who take their choices as seriously as possible: so seriously that they are afraid to start a relationship and so picky that there are no people left with whom to create anything at all.

You need to prioritize the things that really matter to you and ignore the little things because you won’t meet one hundred percent soulmates on Tinder or anywhere else. After all, we’re not perfect – and you have to look at yourself to see for yourself.

I know plenty of examples of my clients and friends who met on Tinder and Badoo, got married, and are doing great. I think online dating is a great opportunity these days. It can hurt or improve your life – it all depends on how you use it.

You will realize how bright and beautiful you are if you see yourself in those moments when you really are you.

Tips for dating on Tinder


  • Dating on Tinder and meeting in real life.
  • Good photos are very important. Choose a good photo, but without any hint of nudity. A photo in a swimsuit will scare away normal people rather than attract them.
  • If you don’t have good photos or have doubts, find a photographer for the photo shoot. A good photographer will help you look like yourself and reveal your personality as much as photography allows.
  • Not everyone reads a long description on your profile. Keep it short and to the point.
  • If, after starting a conversation, a person wants to chat on social networks, messenger or talk on the phone, it does not mean anything. Take it calmly, don’t jump to conclusions. Keep in mind that, according to some, if a person doesn’t give his phone number, it’s pointless to continue correspondence.
  • If you write first, remember that “Hi, how are you?” – is not a good place to start.
  • Get to know people based on overlapping interests, hobbies, and outlook on life, not overlapping goals.
  • Being invited on a first date doesn’t indicate a person’s determination. Rather, it is curiosity.

After meeting the person for the first time, immediately ask yourself questions:

  • Was I interested?
  • Do I want to see them again?

If at least one answer is no, don’t waste your time!

If the person is really interested in you and generally knows what they want for themselves, they will always find time to write, respond quickly, and meet. Do not look for excuses for those who show up once every three days with a meaningless “hello”. Don’t get hung up on sluggish correspondence.

Don’t get hung up on online dating. Expand your social circle in real life, meet people who share your interests, and feel free to chat on the street, in public places.

Answers to Questions

How can I find out what a person’s purpose is on Tinder?

Chances are, most male Tinder users don’t have a specific purpose in their search. It’s not friendship, dating, a relationship, or starting a family. There is simply no purpose. This applies to a certain percentage of women as well. Perhaps instinctive social mechanisms just make a man look for new acquaintances.

Is everyone on Tinder lying?

There are many fears about dating on social networks that there are cheaters sitting there: married men, scammers, con men, traumatized men, and this is not a myth. But in real life, not just on Tinder, there is the same percentage of unscrupulous men. There’s no such thing that everyone there is a freak – but in real life, they’re all white and fluffy and always tell the truth.

Another issue is that it’s a little easier to cheat on social networks. For example, you can put someone else’s photo or your own, but taken much earlier. Many men post photos from 10 years ago. Girls embellish their photos very much. Of course, everyone has long understood that photography is plus 20% to beauty, because a man chooses the best angles, and this is normal. Of course, in ordinary life a person looks differently: the appearance depends on the mood and the state of health. So we make adjustments. If you understand that from the beginning, I don’t think there will be any problems.

It’s safe on Tinder?

The most important thing about Tinder is that you’re always safe because you never know who’s hiding behind the profile you like. You don’t have to agree to a meeting right away, especially with girls.

Why doesn’t the man text himself if we have a match?

  • He rarely logs in, doesn’t pay attention to notifications, or they’re turned off.
  • Your profile isn’t filled out enough, there’s no interesting description, and he doesn’t have anything to get “hooked” on.
  • He takes another look at your profile and decides he’s not interested.
  • He’s found someone more interesting.
  • He sits on Tinder because he’s bored and expects you to entertain him. Your goals are not the same. Let’s say you’re looking for a relationship and he’s not. Or he doesn’t even know how to create one.
  • He’s looking for an easy prey for sex. For example, an adventurous girl who’s ready to meet right now and will offer it herself.

What are the search options on Tinder?

Go to your profile (top right button), then to Settings.

Note the maximum distance setting (the radius you can search for people relative to your location). Tinder will only suggest profiles of people who are within a specified distance in kilometers. To avoid dating far away, you can reduce this distance.

You can also change the preferred age range of people whose profiles you would like to see here.

What to do next?

Now you know how to meet people on Tinder. Keep chatting and getting to know each other. Real relationships don’t start on Tinder, they start in real life. But this dating app is a good way to find someone and continue to connect with them in real life. Good luck in your search!


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