How to View Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

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There are times in our lives when we just want to see someone’s Instagram story without their knowledge.

Whether it’s an ex, a friend, or a complete stranger: Insta Stories have a special appeal, they make us want to see them, but they don’t always let the creator know that we saw it.

How to see someone Instagram story without them knowing?

Unfortunately, people can see who has seen your Instagram Stories, so if you are stalking an ex, friend or lover, chances are they will find out.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re in luck. If you’re stalking a friend or significant other, read on to learn how to view their Instagram stories without them knowing.

View Instagram Anonymous

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. When you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format – your story.

Stories are a convenient and relevant content format on Instagram; a powerful tool for increasing the reach, engagement, and recognition of an account.

Instagram Stories is a section in Instagram where people post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Saved Stories don’t disappear after 24 hours but are sent to an archive where they can be easily retrieved. You may be tempted to look at someone else’s saved Instagram Stories. Or you might be tempted to look at someone else’s Instagram Stories.

Many people want to know how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously, but you can’t set that up on Instagram itself. For this you need special services like Gramster or

Is it possible to view your Instagram story anonymously?

Of course, and that’s exactly what we’re going to learn how to do today! All of these ways to discreetly view someone’s Instagram story are proven and already work!

It doesn’t even matter why you want it: if you’re embarrassed to tell your lover that you’re secretly following them, or you just don’t want them to know that you’re viewing their stories if you want to find out how your ex, or an old friend, or maybe a competitor in your business is doing…

In fact, there are many reasons why you want to see your Instagram story anonymously, and since there’s absolutely no harm in doing so, we’ll tell you how to do it.

How do you discreetly view your Instagram stories?

There are several ways to do this, and we’ll tell you about each of them in detail.

Spy applications

If you want to know how to view someone’s personal Instagram, posts, and stories, you should definitely try a spy app.

These are special parental control apps that help you spy on people without their knowledge. With parental control apps, you can view someone’s Instagram stories and videos without their knowledge.

What makes spy apps special is the sheer number of features they offer. If you want to keep track of what your loved one is doing on Instagram, you may not find all the information you need. So you’ll be happy to know that spy apps can do much more than just look at Insta stories.

What can you do with spy apps?

With parental control apps, you can view private messages on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

In addition, spy apps will give you access to other people’s email, iMessage, call logs, and even remote media files. You’ll also be able to track their location using the GPS tracking feature. Now that you know what amazing things spy apps can do, how do you install them?

There are many such apps out there, but not all of them work well and unnoticeably for the person you want to track. After all, do you want your actions to go unnoticed?

The best Instagram tracking apps:

  1. EyeZy
  2. uMobix
  3. mSpy
  4. Cocospy
  5. Hoverwatch

Try one of the best Instagram hacking apps: EyeZy.

EyeZy for iPhone hack

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How do spy applications work?

You need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for EyeZy and select a subscription
  2. Download the EyeZy app and install it on your desired smartphone
  3. Go to the control panel and select the Instagram section

It should be noted that all spyware programs work on the subscription model. But they have a free trial version, so you can track anyone’s Instagram for free.

After you complete the payment, you will receive a link to download the app and instructions on how to install it. You just need to download the app and install it on the device of the person you want to track.

Once the app is successfully installed, you will be able to view all of their private messages and phone activity through the app bar on your device. When it comes to how to view Instagram stories anonymously, you won’t find a better option than a parental control app. It’s the most reliable way of all those listed.

If you’re not interested in spy apps or don’t need that many extra features, you can try an online Instagram story viewer.

These sites allow you to view other people’s Instagram stories without logging into your account. Since you’re not viewing stories from your account, the person you’re following won’t know that you’ve seen their stories.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously using third-party apps?

To do this, we have to use an external app or website. There are various Android and iPhone apps that allow you to view stories without the authors’ knowledge. We recommend using a very simple and straightforward service:


All you need to make it work is the username of the person whose story you want to see.

Just write that username (without adding @ or anything like that) in a special area on the website, and you’ll anonymously see their latest Instagram photos and stories.

The only catch, in this case, is that the user has to publish their stories to the public, which most people don’t do.

But if the user you’re following publishes their stories in the public domain, then using the StoriesIG service will work flawlessly and you don’t even need an Instagram account to see them!

The swipe method

The easiest way to see Instagram stories without them knowing is to use the swipe method.

The method is that you start looking at an Instagram story about any person or company where you don’t care whether or not they know about the view, then pause the view by holding your finger on your phone screen, and finally slowly swipe left or right to look at other stories.

Using this method will not register the preview as a history view, which means that swipes left and right will be anonymous. But this method comes with its own technical limitations.

First, you will only be able to anonymously preview stories to the left and right of the actual story you are currently viewing. So it will take some planning to see exactly what you want to see.

Second, you only get a “preview” of the stories on the left and right – if it’s a video or a few photos, they won’t play. Still, it’s a lot better than nothing, right?

If you disagree, and that’s still not enough for you, it’s time to reach for powerful ways with other options to watch stories on Instagram without them knowing.

We’re going to use external websites that view Instagram stories instead of us, so we keep our anonymity. Let’s see how to do this instead of the option of viewing Instagram stories anonymously!

Enable Airplane Mode

How about using a method that does not require an Internet connection? The airplane mode method is simple, convenient and available to everyone.

Airplane mode

All you have to do is log into your Instagram account and wait for the stories to appear. Once you’ve verified that the story you want to view anonymously exists, the next step is to turn on Airplane Mode.

As you know, Airplane Mode disables the connection completely. But you will still be able to view your Instagram stories because they are already pre-installed on your phone. But if tethering is disabled, Instagram won’t record what you see. This means that the person you’re following won’t know about it.

After viewing your history, be sure to close the app before you disable airplane mode again so you won’t be tracked.

This method requires no more trickery than the regular method. Unlike online history mode, you can use this method to view people with Instagram closed when you’re following them.

Lock/unlock method

This is a relatively risky method because Instagram changes its rules regularly, and you can permanently block the person from whom you want to view stories anonymously, or you can simply sign up as a viewer.

However, at the time of this writing, this method worked well and gave you complete privacy and control. It’s probably the best to use at this point because it’s so simple and works.

But keep in mind that there is some risk – your browsing will be recorded and seen – if it doesn’t work.

All you have to do is: view the story you’re interested in, just like any other story, by clicking on it on Instagram.

Then, immediately after viewing it, go to the profile of the person you just saw the story from and click the menu button (three dots in the upper right corner), then block it:

Block method

Once you block the person, they will no longer see you in their reports of people who have seen their story on Instagram.

Then wait 24 hours and go to the user’s profile to unblock him. He won’t get any notification that you did this, and you can always do it over and over again without worrying (as long as nothing changes – and they can “cover up” this method). So use at your own risk, there are no guarantees.

As a result, it is always advisable to test this method first with a friend: have him post the story, watch it and block it, and then wait to see if your viewing will be visible and if there are any warnings.

Then make sure you wait 24 hours before unblocking the person. That’s enough time for their history to expire and they will never know you watched it.

Creating a second profile

Or using a friend’s profile or something like that. Include your imagination here, you can certainly come up with something!

Using this extra profile, just start subscribing to some people and adding them as friends, including users you want to watch Instagram stories anonymously from.

Then just enjoy your newfound freedom by viewing those stories whenever they are posted. Most of the time this won’t work, but these days people just accept friend requests from everyone, so it’s worth at least trying. Especially since it works and is safe.

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The popularity of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a sophisticated interactive tool that has not lost its face or freshness to users thanks to its capabilities.

  • Viewers of Stories can quickly scroll through a story or skip an uninteresting video.
  • Stories have a large set of photo and video editing tools: you can add stickers, text, GIF animations, and stickers.
  • Instagram is constantly adding new tools: face masks appeared, surveys, and sending to users via private messages.
  • Instagram users wanted to post other people’s stories with comments, and the company added the feature.
  • Instagram’s “stories” integrate with Facebook. Users can view friends’ “stories” from the social network’s news feed.
  • Another reason Instagram stories have become popular is that audiences are initially used to posting content that everyone can see.

The Instagram audience got used to “stories” faster and created them more often.

Live streaming on Instagram

Live streaming on any social network is a video format that is broadcast to viewers in real-time, here and now. The ability to broadcast live on Instagram has been around for quite some time. But every few months this format gets new features – the ability to impose masks, to broadcast jointly with other users, to receive questions from viewers right during the broadcast, and others.

When a tracked user posts a live broadcast, their main photo will appear at the top of the feed in a colorful ring labeled Live.


As you can see, anonymously watching someone’s Instagram story without their knowledge is not the easiest task, and each of the methods described above has its pros and cons.

But if you really want to do it, and you just can’t watch said story normally – with the user knowing that you did – it might be worth going through all or any of these methods. That’s your solution.

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